About Us

Mc Nicolls & Associates Ltd (MAAL) is an engineering consultancy firm which provides technical consultancy services such as advanced civil and structural engineering solutions and Integrity Management systems for both new facilities and modifications of existing onshore and offshore facilities. We take pride in providing sustainable, innovative, practical and cost effective solutions.

MAAL is client focused. At the core of our business objectives, we aim to ensure we provide the best return on investment to our clients. Our main objective is to achieve complete client satisfaction. We are strategically positioned to yield these results via integrity and transparency. We are committed to a zero tolerance approach to unlawful practices/procedures and committed to transparent communication with our clients. Our reputation and client’s public image is at the core of our operational objectives.

We strive to provide high quality work and ongoing support to all our clients from concept to completion. We offer a consultative approach in providing solutions to each client. We are attentive to the needs of our clients and believe in working together with our clients to see our projects succeed.

Our expertise derives from highly experienced, registered and certified professionals in our core area of expertise. With this extensive expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive engineering solutions for all our clients. MAAL strives to maintain the highest professional standards in every aspect of our business operations. Call or email us today and let us know how we can partner with you to see your projects success.

Our People

Our Engineering and support team have extensive experiences in our service areas.
The principals at MAAL are recognized industry-wide as competent experts in their discipline.

We are committed to ensuring our clients benefit from products and services developed by experienced personnel. At MAAL, we ensure each employee develops a common set of core values and best practices to work by each day, ensuring a high standard of output. Each employee is given the necessary tools in which to work effectively and develop their skillset. We ensure our employees maintain a high level of professionalism. Our objective is to conduct our business in a professional manner at all times while meeting our client’s needs.


Mr. Tonee Mc Nicolls (Managing Director) formed McNicolls and Associates Ltd. with the vision of providing a highly competent, trustworthy and collaborative option to clients seeking solutions to problems of all complexities in the areas of civil and structural engineering. He has over 16 years’ experience in building construction, oil and gas industries and is a chartered structural engineer. Tonee has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the areas of advanced structural analysis, onshore and offshore structural designs, offshore structures assessments, strengthening, modification and repairs to offshore structures and managing the integrity of life of structures. This extensive background has formed the basis for his vision for MAAL today.

Tonee has gained a desirable reputation for his knowledge of process safety risks and mitigation measures for susceptible structures.

Tonee holds a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from Imperial College, London which also carries the award of Diploma of Imperial College (DIC) and a first-class honors Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from The University of The West Indies.  He actively contributes to the development of structural engineering profession and professionals in the Caribbean through service to the Institution of Structural Engineers Caribbean Regional Group (IStructE CRG) committee in the capacity of professional development officer. In 2014 he was appointed by the IStructE Examination Council to serve as marking examiner to evaluate engineer’s competency to gain chartered member status through the IStructE.

Tonee prepares and delivers training series to graduate engineers in the Caribbean annually, who aspire to gain chartership status through the IStructE and have promoted the importance of continued professional development throughout the Caribbean regions.

Tonee’s Areas of expertise includes:

  • Advanced Analysis of offshore structures
  • Assessment of offshore structures
  • Analysis and design of post tension of concrete and cold-formed steel structures
  • Structural Integrity Management of offshore facilities
  • Analysis and Design of residential and commercial multi-story structures
  • Analysis and Design of Earthquake resistant structures


MAAL has maintained professional relationships with technical experts in the industries we service.

Dr. Deborah

Dr. Deborah Villarroel-Lamb specializes in the numerical modelling of coastal processes, including ocean hydrodynamics and coastal morphology. She has developed specialized numerical models to investigate the physical processes that occur along a coastline, such as wave transformation, wave breaking, undertow currents, energy dissipation and sediment transport. Dr. Villarroel-Lamb has also gained experience in the assessment and design of coastal structures. She is also adept at using commercially available numerical tools to support these types of analyses. Dr Villarroel-Lamb is a proud recipient of the prestigious Royal Society – Newton Fellowship award in its inaugural year (2009) and her fellowship was taken up at University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout her career thus far, and continues to explore opportunities for advancement within her chosen field.


Our vision is to be reliable, trustworthy and constantly meet our client’s needs through Innovative, functional solutions to simple and complex problems.

Mr. Michael

Michael Hasson, CEng, MIMechE, MWeldI, has over twenty years’ experience as an engineering consultant, focused principally on the assessment and design of structures subject to accidental load conditions such as explosion, impact and fire. By combining wide practical experience in the realisation of steel structures, both onshore and offshore, Michael has an established reputation in devising solutions to a wide range of structural assessment, design, detailing, fabrication and construction challenges. His diverse experience extends from participation in large scale testing of structural response to explosions, characterisation of major accident hazards, fabrication engineering, nonlinear analysis, design visualisation, work-pack authoring and site support, both onshore and offshore.

Key expertise

  • Structural analysis & design in Oil & Gas, commercial, civil and marine sectors
  • Application of finite element analysis techniques to simulate nonlinear, dynamic and other complex engineering scenarios
  • Assessment, design & detailing of blast resistant structures in the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas and petrochemical sectors
  • Specialist design & detailing support in heavy or complex structural steelwork, with emphasis on fabrication feasibility, welding design and erection aspects
  • Design of lifting appliances & engineering input to lifting operations & temporary works solutions
  • Independent appraisal of structural steelwork design, detailing & fabrication
  • Technical support to emergency response, incident analysis and legal proceedings
  • Onshore & offshore facility surveys

Our Commitments

Our Clients

We are committed to meeting our client’s needs to realize maximum benefits through the application of innovative, functional solutions. We work together with our clients to develop solutions which are aligned with their objectives and expectations.

Safety and the Environment

We are committed to delivering safe, smart, and sustainable solutions. We take the necessary steps to realize zero work place incidents, which bring harm to people, assets and the environment. Lessons learned from past incidents form part of our normal operating culture.

Our People

Our people are our most valued asset. We continue to optimize an organizational structure which provides the necessary strength and competencies to deliver consistent high quality products locally and globally.